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I'll buy you a beer. How about Bill's Seafood Restaurant? I have absolutely no intention of paying ten dollars. It's an old one. It makes me feel old. When I was in college they use to play it on the radio all the time. She'll be having dinner with him at this time tomorrow. I'm afraid you misunderstood me. Never tell a lie. I need to crash out. You'd better go. I have done my B.S. of Engineering.
Freemake: - Whose mistake is it?
- I can hear a cat scratching at the window.
- He had trouble breathing.
- Are you angry with me?
- My brother is very adamant.
- Mary is respected by everyone.
- I take a walk with my dog in the evening.
- Have you read this book already?
- He's sitting in the waiting room.
- The waves are high.
I'd like it to get there tomorrow. Either Tom or I must go. He looked quite tired. My apartment is near here. She spends a lot of time helping her children learn to deal with money. Ours is a large family. Are you spending enough time with your kids? Please tell me. Tom sat two rows ahead of me. You look busy.

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