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Bring me some cold water. He's sleeping like a baby. Are you ready for the trip? Generally speaking... Tom brought Mary a gift. I retired last year. He suggested that we go for a swim. Doesn't your father work there? What's wrong? He wants something cold to drink.
Soldadito Marinero: - She smiled.
- I'm dead on my feet.
- He can run faster than me.
- He lived in a typical Japanese-style house.
- Everyone loves him.
- I'm saving up to buy a new car.
- He left without saying goodbye.
- Mr. Young wishes his son would study harder.
- He'll be along in ten minutes.
- Whose friend is he?
They adopted the orphan. My house is just across the street. Ken hit on a good idea. This road goes to the park. When she entered the room, he stood up. It's already nine o'clock. I heard him go out. I want to finish this work by five. I understand. Why don't we share a room?

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