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Celuchile Para Pc: - I will give you this book.
- Which one is hers'?
- When do you arrive in the U.S.?
- Have a good time. Next time you're free, give me a call and we'll go play poker.
- The more time I spend doing this, the less time I have to do things I enjoy doing.
- Where are you?
- I like to spread honey on my toast in the morning.
- I'll tell him you called.
- Do you like cooking?
- If you behave like a servant, you'll be treated like a servant.
I'm the type who likes to think things over very carefully. Turn the volume up. Let me in. This glass contains water. She helped cook lunch. He never fails to call his mother on her birthday. Tom didn't mean to hurt anybody. She's signed up for a couple of night classes at the local college. Which one? A crowd gathered at the scene.

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