Name: The Blind Side
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Date added: May 21, 2013
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Oh, I forgot my wallet in the car. I'll be right back. Last week I deposited a cheque. Has the amount been credited to my account? Say it clearly. I'll get it. It frosted last night. I told the children to be quiet, but they just kept on being noisy. OK. Let me look at your throat. Open your mouth. Your throat's red. Does it hurt? I expect him to take care of my younger brother. Turn toward me, please. Playing the guitar is fun.
The Blind Side: - Don't make fun of people.
- After the game, he went straight home to feed his dog.
- Suzy hopes that Tom will ask her out.
- Choose whichever you like.
- Usually...
- He is a teacher of English.
- She advised him to tell his girlfriend that he loved her.
- Tom gave up running for mayor after pleading guilty to drunken driving.
- He's very famous.
- I don't even have time to read.
How long do you think it will take to go to the airport? I know that. Who are they playing? I don't want to lose this match. He took off his overcoat. Not a chance! Tom doesn't know what Mary does for a living. A bunch of people told me not to eat there. He hurt his left hand with a knife. Could you please tell me again why you are late? OK, I'll put them in the back for you. Where are you going?

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