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She almost passed out. I have no objection. I am accustomed to staying up late. Spring is here. I wondered why people were staring at me. Just a moment. OK, for what date? He is sure to come. I get up at 7:00. I can't believe you're taking pictures of cockroaches. She saw him break the window.
Voice Changers: - We are not amused.
- Maybe a cake?
- If you were to win the lottery, what would you buy with the money?
- She wasn't dancing with him then.
- Above all, you must help each other.
- I can tell it's him by the way he speaks.
- He stuck the broken pieces together.
- Wait and see.
- How shall I put it?
- Is she married?
She looked away. There are various kinds of coffee. He has a lot of things to do. Don't leave the TV on. Does he like the school? Does your company have a website? A ball is floating down the river. It shouldn't take long. Probably about 15 minutes. How about the one after that? English food: I can take it or leave it.

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